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    Top 20 Holdings as at 30 April 2018

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    # Company name Sector % Gross Assets  
    1 Ocean Wilsons Holdings Limited (Brazil) Ports operator and provider of shipping services 3.8%  
    2 International Container Terminal Services Inc (The Philippines) Ports operator and provider of shipping services 3.8%  
    3 Transgaz S.A. (Romania) Gas transmission 3.2%  
    4 Yuexiu Transport Infrastructure Limited (China) Toll roads operator 3.1%  
    5 Alupar Investimento S.A. (Brazil) Electricity generation and transmission 3.1%  
    6 Bolsas Y Mercados Argentinos (Argentina) Stock Exchange 2.9%  
    7 Cia de Gas de Sao Paulo (Brazil) Gas distributor 2.7%  
    8 China Resources Gas Group Ltd (Hong Kong) Gas distributor 2.7%  
    9 Shanghai International Airport Co Ltd (China) Airport operator 2.6%  
    10 Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad (Malaysia) Airport operator 2.6%  
    11 Conpet S.A. (Romania) Oil pipeline operator 2.5%  
    12 Rumo S.A. (Brazil) Rail-based logistics operator 2.5%  
    13 Energisa S.A. (Brazil) Electricity distribution 2.5%  
    14 Transportadora de Gas del Sur S.A. (Argentina) Gas distributor 2.4%  
    15 Transelectrica SA (Romania) Electricity transmission 2.4%  
    16 APT Satellite Holdings Ltd (Hong Kong) Satellite operator 2.4%  
    17 Engie Energia Chile S.A. (Chile) Electricity generation and transmission 2.2%  
    18 Enel Americas S.A. (Brazil) Electricity generation and transmission 2.0%  
    19 Power Grid Corporation of India Limited (India) Electricity transmission 1.8%  
    20 Enel Chile (Chile) Electricity generation and transmission 1.7%